dynamis’ goal is to make the energy transition a participatory process so that people from all parts of society can get involved. To this end, we develop and provide support to living labs at different sites in Germany, and also provide assistance to labs thought up in collaboration with the local population.


These labs mean that:

  • We create experimental spaces in which users and citizens get the opportunity to try out technological innovations in an everyday setting.
  • This enables us to learn how people interact with ideas and solutions, and thus identify patterns of behaviour with the aid of targeted support from scientists.
  • We discover new approaches to better understand social practices and predict them in order to reconcile them with political, technological and systemic interests.
  • We create transferrable knowledge.

Previously, the discourse on the energy transition was all too often reduced to economic, technical and legal aspects. This meant that key societal risks, prospects and challenges were not sufficiently explored. How can we achieve fair and equitable participation for all in terms of economic involvement, political participation and realising opportunities that affect quality of life? Answering this question will determine the success of the energy transition, and these factors will prove pivotal along the path towards decentralised energy provision as well as in terms of the societal impacts of digitalising the energy supply. This is where local entrepreneurship can prove far more effective in solving societal problems than top-down funding or bureaucratic projects. We believe that converting to decentralised renewable energy sources will bring substantial societal benefits. dynamis allows us to identify and leverage this potential.