Prosumer 2.0

The Digitalisation of the energy transition project discovered that the situation of energy consumers could drastically change in the mid-term. Regular consumers who currently do not do much more than check their annual statement could become active energy managers at a microlevel. This is because digital applications – especially machine learning and artificial intelligence in an Internet of Things context – will enable them to optimise the allocation between their own energy requirements and the respective amount of energy generated.


dynamis wants to set up a lab to conduct an experiment to find out which consumers are prepared to make use of these opportunities and to what extent and in what way. The experiment is currently being developed.


The experiment will look at the following:


  • holistic consideration of energy that crosses sector boundaries, especially the one between the heating and electricity sectors, and in later step the electromobility sector,
  • networking of all energy consumption devices,
  • mapping of the respective on-site energy situation in the distribution network, which will then act as the basis for the payment of system service-related energy consumption behaviour,
  • and above all, a smart client that acts as a location for machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Up to 600 households will be asked to test out the smart clients in their everyday actions. They can use the smart clients to set their specific consumption preferences for both electricity and heating. An algorithm in the smart client uses these preferences as the basis to decide how they can be best implemented.


This means the smart client will become the epicentre for locally optimising the matching of consumption and power generation as well as electricity taken from the grid.


An experiment will be carried out over several months to test the use of the smart client in the everyday lives of the selected households’ occupants. The resulting contribution to climate protection will also be evaluated.