Who we are


dynamis is a ‘think-do-rethink’ tank created by the innogy Foundation for Energy and Society, the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) and the 100 percent renewable foundation.

dynamis brings together various players from civil society, enterprises and academia to systematically, comprehensively address an important yet frequently overlooked aspect of the discourse surrounding the transition to renewable energy: the social dimensions involved.

Previously, the discourse on a future energy system was all too often reduced to economic, technical and legal aspects. This meant that key societal risks, opportunities and challenges were not sufficiently explored. How can we achieve fair and equitable participation for all in terms of economic involvement, political participation and realizing opportunities which affect quality of life? Answering this question will shape the energy system of the future and determine the transition’s popular support. These factors will prove pivotal along the path towards decentralized energy supply as well as in terms of the societal impacts of digitalizing the energy supply.

We believe transitioning to decentralized renewable energy sources will bring substantial societal benefits. It will pave the way for new forms of social engagement which will give people the opportunity to experience social solidarity in a new way and become more involved in political processes. In sum, this will create chances for society to reap the benefits of technical, economic and social innovations.

dynamis will identify and leverage this potential. Our goal is to make the development of a renewable energy system a participatory process in which people from all parts of society can get involved.