How We Work

We consider ourselves to be a ‘think-do-rethink’ tank. We aim to balance both theoretical and practical approaches to answer our key questions. Dealing with the social sustainability dimension of energy requires an integrated approach; the results of our scientific work (think) are systematically integrated into testing and developing practical applications together with people on-site (do), which is then reflected upon and constructively included in future work (rethink).


We encourage participative and trans-disciplinary work. This involves integrating various forms of knowledge. A core element of our work is creating a more collaborative, empirically supported dialogue with all actors who are or want to be involved in the energy transition, and who are affected by it. This is key to developing empirically and research-based theory as well as to discussing and evaluating our project analyses and results.
We believe a knowledge-based, participative approach across all projects should be developed according to suitable, scientifically sound and applied knowledge in order to shape the future energy system. In doing so, we can contribute to the development of viable, socially conscious solutions for a renewable energy environment which is ecological, economical and, most importantly, socially sustainable.


We will keep you up to date on how our projects are progressing.