What We Do

We fill in gaps in the knowledge base

We want dynamis to create a sound and reliable knowledge base for future decision-making processes regarding the social dimensions of building a sustainable energy system.
Our work focuses on answering the following key questions:


  • What is a socially sustainable energy system? How can we empirically measure how sustainable our energy transition is regarding social aspects? Are we moving in the right direction?
  • What would specific local participatory solutions look like for a socially sustainable energy system, in terms of business, politics and general opportunities affecting quality of life? In the context of data sovereignty, security, the autonomy to act and empowerment, how can we develop solutions for dealing properly with data?
  • Which social and political conditions promote a socially sustainable energy system?





We provide a space for social research

We have created a space for social research in our living labs to test out specific solutions for a socially sustainable energy transition at a local level. This work is both experimental and impartial. We make use of innovative methods in our living labs, and particularly focus on business initiatives. We believe that social entrepreneurship can prove far more effective in solving societal problems than top-down funding or bureaucratic projects are.


We shape the discourse

We shape the discussion around the energy system’s social sustainability. We discuss our projects and the results of our work using new forms of dialogue with stakeholders from politics, academia, business and civil society as well as with citizens. We feed important results into the energy transition discourse. Furthermore, we encourage an open debate surrounding the implications and prerequisites for a socially sustainable energy system. To this end, we will regularly hold public dialogue events and publish contributions to the discussion. We want to use these events to develop approaches which can then be tested in real local projects.